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28 February 2019

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Learn more about how we can support your plastic injection moulding business, by downloading or reading our brochure online.

View our plastic injection moulding brochure here

The brochure gives a concise look into how we can provide the right quality lubricant, which in turn can offer real cost savings for your business.

Find out more about purchasing hydraulic oil, gear oil or grease from Silgo Lubricants. As well as how the correct lubricant can aid wear protection, promote longer equipment life and maintain system efficiency.

Over half of manufacturing lubricant decision makers do not recognise that a proactive maintenance strategy could help shorten equipment downtime. In reality poor injection moulding machinery maintenance can reduce a factory’s productivity by 5-20%. Although purchasing high quality hydraulic fluid may not be a top priority for some manufacturing business, it accounts for just 1-2% of total operational spend and the long-term savings can be significant.

Find out more information about purchasing lubricants for your plastic injection moulding machinery here.

Silgo Lubricants Plastic Injection Moulding Brochure
Silgo Lubricants Plastic Injection Moulding Brochure


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