Follow the Silgo Lubricants story from formation in 1966 to the company you see today

Follow our company history to learn how Silgo lubricants was formed. From Silwood Petroleum in 1966 to now operating for over 35 Years’ as a specialist lubricants supplier across the UK.

Explore our timeline of key events in the history of Silgo below:

1966 - Silwood petroleum limited was formed.

1966 - Silwood operated from its fuels depot in Manor Road, West Ham.

1973 - Silgo fuels were formed

1982 - Silgo Lubricants limited was formed from Silgo Fuels

1984 - Silwood acquired land in Thurrock Essex and developed a new depot. This became their main operating site.

1984 - Silgo occupied Manor road as their first lubricants warehousing and offices

1995 - Silgo moved to larger premises at Purfleet, Essex

1996 - Silwood Petroleum was sold

2008 - Silgo was appointed one of 6 authorised Shell Distributors in the UK

2013 - Silgo was appointed again as an authorised Shell Distributor in the UK

2014 - In June 2014 Silgo took back ‘in house’ all of their distribution for packed and bulk products.

2017 - Silgo Lubricants is purchased by Gleaner and joins the Gleaner Family

Silgo Lubricants History - 1966 Fleet of Silwood Fuel Tankers

Silgo Lubricants History - 1966 Two Silwood Petroleum Tankers

Silgo Lubricants History - 1973 Silgo Fuel's Tanker

Silgo Lubricants History - 1995 Lubricants Warehouse Purfleet

Silgo Lubricants History - 2008 appointed a Shell Distributor


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