Fluid Management

Lubricant and coolant management services to maximise productivity and cost benefits

The average maintenance budget spend on lubricants is in the region of 3%. Yet lubricants have the most direct impact on the other 97% arears of spend.

The correct selection of lubricants for equipment and working conditions can reduce the cost of replacement parts, maintenance labour and downtime, thus increasing plant productivity. This approach is far more cost effective than simply focusing on the price of lubricants alone.

Once the most cost effective lubricant has been chosen efficient fluid management controls can be put in place. Thus correct selection of product, managed correctly can often produce savings that are far greater than the cost of the lubricants itself.

Lubrication Management

  • Site Surveys: Reducing complexity and improving control.    
  • Safety: Health and Environment advice and support.
  • Technical support: ensuring that correct fluid technology is adopted.
  • Cost benefit: control analysis leading to proven cost savings.

Coolant Management

  •  On site monitoring and control of fluids.
  • Coolant management surveys, identifying process cost savings.
  • Health and Safety advice.

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Silgo Lubricants Coolant Management


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