Introducing Shell's new jerry can - multi-colour products all to one colour and design

25 May 2023

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Shell Confirm New Jerry Cans:

Shell have confirmed that from May 2023, they will be switching up their branding and releasing the new Shell jerry can!

Over the course of the next 18 months, Shell have confirmed two major changes within their cans. The 20L packaging will go from rould pails and multiple colours to jerry cans and one iniform grey tone. This means improved storage and transport space utilisation, increased recycled content, improved handling features and less overall plastic.

Depending on the portfolio that you order with us today, you could start to see the new Shell packs coming through to you as early as this month however this is a soft transition meaning it may take some time before you see the new design. 

Take a look at our Shell portfolio here!

*There will be a period of time where you will likely have a mix of round pails and jerry cans.


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