Plastic Injection Moulding Lubricants

Supplying Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils and Grease for use in modern plastic injection moulding machinery

To your plastics business your injection moulding machinery is one of the most valuable assets. Correct lubrication can help to keep your machinery operational 24/7, by increasing your cycle time and faster speeds, which will ultimately increase productivity.

Using the correct Lubricant is an essential aspect of effective equipment maintenance. Hydraulic fluid is crucial for your injection moulding machinery and plays a vital role in helping to extend the life of your equipment, by maximising productivity by helping equipment to meet or exceed its design capabilities.

Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of your Injection Moulding Machinery through correct lubrication:

Effective lubrication can help companies reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) through lower maintenance costs, reduced unplanned downtime, and productivity improvements. Although purchasing high quality hydraulic fluid may not be a top priority for some manufacturing businesses, it accounts for just 1 - 2% of total operational spend and the long-term savings can be significant.

Lubricants provide benefits to Injection Moulding Machinery including:

  • Wear Protection – Helps limit wear and corrosion to guard against breakdowns of your injection moulding machinery
  • Longer equipment life – Greater resistance to oxidation helps injection moulding equipment operate under higher stresses for longer
  • Maintain system efficiency – Efficiency helps to transmit power through the system. Benefit from enhanced productivity by extending maintenance cycles


Condition Monitoring:

Condition monitoring of the lubricant oil and grease in injection moulding machinery will help to estimate the remaining useful life of the lubricants. It is essential to monitor the condition of the lubricant regularly to know when the lubricant needs to be changed in order to prevent costly and unnecessary breakdowns and machinery downtime. In reality poor injection moulding machinery lubricant maintenance can reduce a factory’s productivity by 5 - 20%
Learn more about the lubricant condition monitoring services Silgo Lubricants can provide.

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