Manufacturing Lubricants

Lubricants and grease for use in general manufacturing machinery

Compared to other types of lubricants, metalworking fluids need extra care and attention to maintain their effectiveness. Contamination can have a detrimental effect on the coolant. Bacteria can degrade the technical performance properties of water soluble oils, causing the coolant to separate, lose its lubricant characteristics and reduce its service life. We have a range that has been specifically designed to resist bacterial growth, meaning that the fluid requires less maintenance and monitoring. It also increases sump life, reduces fluid consumption, reduces waste and disposal, as well as lowers the risk of operator health issues. All of these benefits provide significant commercial advantages to users. Contact us now to learn more about the "Fluid That Works Harder - So You Don't Have To".

Welcome to the UK home of The Shell Omala industrial gear oils and Shell Corena compressor oil range,these lubricants have been developed to enable equipment operators to select the oil designed to deliver optimum value to their respective operations, this is through enhanced wear protection, long oil life and high system efficiency.

Performance you can count on

  • Wear Protection

  • Oil Life

  • System Efficiency

A range of hydraulic fluids to meet your needs

To meet the challenges of a wide range of hydraulic equipment and applications, Shell has designed a portfolio of fluids that enables you to choose a product to meet your needs. The Shell Tellus range of hydraulic fluids has been developed to enable equipment operators to select the oil that will deliver optimum value to their operations through enhanced wear protection, long oil life and high system efficiency.  

Improved Cleanliness

All Shell Tellus products now meet the demanding cleanliness requirements of the DIN industry standard to help provide:

  • extra protection,
  • improved filter performance
  • and less maintenance.

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