Commercial Vehicle Lubricants

Lubricants for use in commercial vehicle, off highway and bus & coach fleets

Designed to cut costs 

In the transport industry, you are constantly striving to keep your vehicles on the road and running efficiently. Whether you want to cut the cost-per kilometre of your long-haul operations by reducingfuel consumption or to extend short-haul-vehicle life with protection under severe start-stop driving conditions, shell has a wide range of lubricants designed to meet your needs.

Technology working for you

Silgo recommend using the right oil that will improve fuel economy and protect your engine under all conditions no matter how hot or cold, protecting acids forming that corrode parts of your engine. Excessive piston deposits that can cause sticking plus abrasion, also cylinder wear, in doing this the right oil will keep your trucks on the road for longer and has the potential to save you money.

Off Highway

Equipment breakdown at a construction site can severely compromise your project schedule and prevent your company from earning revenue. In the construction industry you are constantly striving to meet deadlines, lower operating costs and maximise equipment availability. Whether you need a reliable lubricant supply for remote projects or increased equipment availability, shell has a wide range of lubricants and services designed to help meet your needs.

Cut costs by using the right lubricants, in the knowledge that your equipment will deliver the best performance, in doing this you will benefit from :

  • Maintenance costs significantly lowered.
  • Cutting downtime on equipment that is not planned.
  • Will increase the life span of the equipment and extend the oil.

Bus and Coach

These products can help you to reduce your process and equipment ownership costs by providing

  • Enhanced protection.
  • Extended oil and equipment life.
  • Enhanced efficiency.

Delivering value

Using the right lubricants can significantly reduce costs by

  • Cutting unplanned equipment downtime
  • Lowering maintenance
  • Increasing equipment life and availability

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