Automotive Lubricants

High performance lubricants for use in your workshop or garage

Silgo has the most tough and versatile high performance engine oils, gear and transmission oils, automatic transmission fluids, brake and clutch fluids, all season screen wash, universal antifreeze, Ultralife red longlife 5-year coolant plus greases that there is on the market to date, to help with the efficiency and durability and challenging demands of your engine. 

Shell Helix from Silgo

The correct application and quality of lubricants are increasingly important to independent garages, by using Helix from Silgo you will benefit from outstanding quality for protection and performance, performance synthetic oils over conventional engine oil, plus support from one of the leading technical lubricant distributors in the UK. 

Helix HX8:

Helix HX8 fully synthetic motor oil provides 40% better wear protection, when compared to the industry standard. The unique flexi-molecules found in Helix HX8 remain inactive in low-pressure situations and activate where needed to form protective barriers under high pressure and temperatures.

Helix Ultra with Pureplus technology:

Pureplus is a revolutionary gas-to-liquid process that converts natural gas into a crystal-clear base oil with virtually none of the impurities found in Crude oil. Fully synthetic Helix Ultra offers unsurpassed sludge protection, better fuel economy and exceptional temperature performance. 

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